Wednesday, 21 September 2011

God Does Magic Again!!

My sister is going to India for 9 months, and I’ve been praying for a while, asking God how much $$ He wants me to give her. He’s consistently been saying $500. Yesterday, I discovered that I didn’t have enough $$ to give her the $500, and the money I DID have, I needed for text books.  As I was driving home from University, I asked God way more seriously than I had before, to please magically provide the money, and give it to ME so that I could give it to Zoe, my sis. 

Guess what He did!????!!!  As soon as I got home, Zoe was all ex cited and told me this awesome, amazing story that she just received exactly $500 from her friend Hannah in the mail THAT  DAY!!
I told her my end of the story, and that same night, Zoe ‘happened’ to sign in on skype, which she rarely does, and Hannah ‘happens’ to also sign in, which she rarely does, and they started chatting. Zoe told her my end of the story, how God said $500, and I asked, and Hannah gave.

When Hannah heard this, she freaked out, and said that was exactly what she needed to hear! She was certain that God said for her to give $500, but her parents weren’t so keen, and she was doubting herself, and if she can hear God’s voice.  But this was the exact confirmation that she needed to hear!
I just feel a bit odd that I don’t need to donate… :p 

Thanks God for providing...


  1. AAAHHh! so awesome. Crazy how God works...and He's always reminding us that it's him in charge, not us...

    Good story. ;)